Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Project 365: Day 186

Project 365: Day 186 - Coffee and Scone
Cappuccino and Cheddar Bacon Scone, Stumptown Coffee

Chinese Gardens
Chinese Gardens, Chinatown Portland

Laurelhurst Park
Laurelhurst Park, Portland

Green Advance Bike Box
Advance Bike Box, Portland

Bicycle Public Art
Bicycle Public Art, Burnside

Our 3rd day in Portland started off with a small breakfast at Stumptown Coffee on the recommendation of a friend, followed by a bicycle tour with Pedal Bike Tours. It was a great way to see the downtown, as well as see some other things that we wouldn't have known about. I would recommend doing it, and we had a local Portland man leading us that grew up in the area. Portland is a very bicycle friendly city with many dedicated routes with even the bridges well marked and easy to cross! 

After that, on our tour guide's recommendation, we headed over the bridge and explored Hawthorne and Burnside. It was an interesting walking experience as we went from the more industrialized area near the Willamette River to a more down to earth interesting nook of the city. Reminded me a lot of Kitsilano in Vancouver with a mix of Granville Island.

One more day of Portland photos to come! If you're interested, there are more pictures to see on my Flickr account. Enjoy! 

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