Saturday, March 31, 2012

Fashionably Home

While today is not the day that I will relax with a book and coffee in hand, tomorrow shall be! Perhaps I can be fashionable as Miss Yewon, and be comfortable at home. Been perusing her site for a few days now, and I am inspired to try my own take on menswear influenced fashion!

But today will be a day with friends, and that's not a bad thing at all =)

Paper by FiftyThree

Paper for the iPad, just another way to sort out thoughts and sketches in virtual books. I carry so many notebooks around with me in a day, I would get this app if I had an iPad!

A review and more information by The Verge

Friday, March 30, 2012

Project 365: Day 90

Today was the inaugural TEDxFortMcMurray event and we got to hear from various people who shape many aspects about this community. It was inspirational and motivating to hear what all these people had to say and see the true potential of this community. Truly, this is a place of opportunity. A place where we can make our own luck and our own path in life. Our perspective here is what can really make a difference in how this community is now, and how it will be in the future.

Really, there were so many applications to life, whether at work or home. At first I was uplifted, then a little bit depressed as I made my way home, turning it around in my head as I applied the things I heard today to my own life. Honestly, I think I will be mulling it all over in the days to come...

Thoughts for Daily Living

So many thoughts in my head from reflecting on the past weekend, having some time away and with my birthday coming up. Right now I am quite unbalanced, and sometimes it helps to read a mantra or two to help me focus.

Today, I will attend the inaugural TEDxFortMcMurray talk and listen to the inspirational people of this community. It will be a good way to start off, as tomorrow I reflect on my birthday this weekend and make a plan forward. I owe at least that much to myself.

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Ladders in the Living Room

While ladders are generally not used all the time anymore, they can function well as hangers or for coats. Enjoying the stark and reflective space here. It's quiet in here.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Project 365: Day 89

Finally caught up with posting the remainder of the Project 365 photos from the last few days! I'm going to TEDxFortMcMurray tomorrow, and just packing my bag. Need a place to scribble all my thoughts, as I'm sure tomorrow will be full of ideas and inspiration all around.

Here's a favourite notebook that I picked up in a store called Signum when I was in Florence, Italy. I have a serious love for bookbinding stores, and more or less collect notebooks. I can spend hours in a store like that, looking through all the paper and notebooks...

Project 365: Day 88

I read the Hunger Games, and I enjoyed in immensely. Even looking forward to the movies when I get a chance to go!

I couldn't pass up a chance to buy this lovely watch necklace off Etsy. Even though it's Hunger Games inspired, I love the large watch face, the antique detailing and charm and look forward to incorporating it into my wardrobe!

Project 365: Day 87

Been hunting for a new carryall overnight bag for a bit, and did come across the H&M bag I posted a little while back! It's cute and cheap, so it got snapped up while I was away! Love the pop of colour it gives, is quite roomy and much easier to spot than my black duffel!

Project 365: Day 86

I just love New York Fries, it's a good thing I only eat them once in a while! Sitting in the West Edmonton Mall, I couldn't help but chuckle at the text. Potato bling, huh? Sometimes we think that what they did in the past is silly, but to them, it is perfectly sensible if that's what you knew at the time!

Office with a Fireplace

Oh, To have an office that is comfortable with a fire to keep me working. It is one of those days that I just want to curl up and work from the comfort of my home. I love the simplicity of this kind of an office, just enough to work with and a little bit of clutter.

via Lake Jane

Project 365: Day 85

Gravitating to the things that we know are easy and quick. This is me grabbing a quick bite at a Starbucks before hitting the road and leaving Cochrane on Sunday morning. Toasty and hot, just the way I like it!

Hummingbird Design

So delicate and intricate in its details, I think this would make a very beautiful tattoo design.

via Marlena

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Project 365: Day 84

Wonderful day for wonderful people. It was a magical wedding day for our friends and could not have turned out any better! Cochrane is a beautiful little town, with lots of variation in the landscape. We had a great time celebrating with our friends in a place that is special to them.

Project 365: Day 83

Well, I'm finally back, so there will be a series of the Project 365 postings in the next day or so in order to can catch up!

First up, how unruly I am when I am travelling. Upon arriving in the motel, I just scatter everything everywhere! First up is charging the iPod, as I had been travelling for over 8 hours at this point in time!

Pink and Stripes

Caught my eye for the pop of pink cardigan and the big turquoise necklace. I didn't have too much time to shop this weekend while I was away, but definitely thinking that a little colour needs to included to come with the spring! Also, in need of layering tanks, which I need to start buying soon.

via Lilly's Style

Labradorite Pendant

Lovely statement piece, the colours remind me of the flow and ebb of the sea. The hardware is very strong and intricate.

via Etsy

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy Birthday, Mies van der Rohe!

Love Google's little tribute to the well-known architect.

Floor to Ceiling Fireplace

Very light and open without having to use a lot of pure white. I love the soft grey floor to ceiling fireplace that is shown here.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Rustic Kitchens

While I don't always love rustic kitchens, I do love the vaulted ceiling on this one, and just the open and airy lightness of it all. Just clean, simple and uncluttered. No need for tons of furniture!

via dustjacket attic

Gold Druzy Ring

I don't usually post solo pictures of rings, but this one just caught my eye! I love the geometric cut and the unique sparkle to this stone, it would make a great statement ring!

via oBaz

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Vintage Map Walls

Oh, I would if I could find anything I like...! I love vintage looking maps, and the husband would be all for it too... hmm, perhaps I'll have to make them myself!

via Inspire Bohemia

Winter Day Blues

I really kind of wish I could just stay in bed all day, coffee in one hand and a book in the other...Is it done being winter yet??

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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Tiffany Chairs and Candles

Oh, how beautiful and graceful. I love the tiffany chairs, and the giant candles that slightly illuminate the wedding aisle. Add in the bare strung up lights, and the giant steel windows and I love it!

As a side note, I really did want tiffany chairs for my reception, but we couldn't move out the restaurant chairs and make it work. Too bad, as I think they are quite gorgeous and minimalistic for a wedding and just an elegant understatement.

via Style Me Pretty

Sweet Spring Cut-Out Dress

Today one of our close friends is getting married, hooray for weddings!

Was browsing the other day and thought this might make a nice dress to wear for a spring wedding, with its lovely cutouts and a peek of white. It does also make a lovely engagement shoot dress as well!

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Friday, March 23, 2012

Orange Front Door

Doors are your first impression of a house, and it is interesting how interesting or how plain they can be. I think a pop of colour can help to make it warm and inviting and am liking this orange door and how it pops nicely against the slate blue-grey of the house. Very fun, without being overly loud like a red door could be.

via Apartment Therapy

White Peacock

Sometimes beauty is in those things that are rare and surprising. The stark white here is simply beautiful...

via Kingdom Animalia

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Project 365: Day 82

Another night finishing up the wedding invitation set for my friend. As you can see, I carried the bird theme onto all of their cards in the invitation set!

I'll be away for the next few days as I'm going to a friend's wedding this weekend. Regular posts will continue, but Project 365 will be on hold until I get back and can edit and publish what I snap this weekend. See you all in a few days!

Project 365: Day 81

Did not get around to posting this last night, as I got home at 1:30am! Was out helping a friend with designing her wedding invitations, and she's got the cutest ribbon with these two little lovebirds. I love them!

Apparently, if I keep this up, I'm going to have to go into business... it's a thought!

Misty Morning Tree

They say the best time to photograph is when the light is changing. I think after seeing so many beautiful images, I have to agree. Must get out more during those times and experiment with a few photographs...

via LLBwwb

Red and Cream Outfit

This outfit is so cute, I love the details and the colour of the top!

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

DIY Custom SLOM Jars

Looking for some jars to hold some of my various baking goods and I think I might just have to stop at IKEA on the weekend to pick up some of these jars! Also, a neat tutorial following the link on how to use magic transfer decals, which is great for customizing plain jars. May be trying this or etching gel to do something similar to what is shown here.

via The Painted Hive

Dusty Burnt Orange Pants

Been looking at the more muted alternatives to the brightly coloured pants and came across these. Would love to get one in this shade and cut, and was surprised at how it well it goes with charcoal.

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Project 365: Day 80

My go-to necklace that I wear most days of the week. Something about circles and geometric shapes that just draw me in for jewelry. I still love it after all these years, even if it's not perfectly round anymore!

Vision & Idea Board

I'm thinking I need a place just to tack things up when I find things that inspire me. Perhaps I can find a board while I'm out of town this weekend. This is a great example and I love the clean lines of this desk. Just stark and simple, just the way I like it!

via decor8

DYI Lace Bowl

Another thought for the back of my mind to make as a gift for some friends. Very cute and versatile as a catch-all, whether in plate or bowl form!

via A Bit of Bees Knees

Monday, March 19, 2012

Project 365: Day 79

For days I like to eat cheese, dairy is good for your heart and bones! Pringles aren't so much, but they are fun to eat! The husband got creative again, as he always puts together my snacks for me. He does it on purpose, but it always puts a smile on my face =)

Casual Summer

It snowed again last night, and here I am looking at things that I can only really wear in the summer! I can't wait until I can shed this winter wool coat!

via polyvore

Alone in the Woods

Imagining just me, the woods and a little fire to keep me fed and warm. I think I need a little solitude these days, just to recharge.

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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Project 365: Day 78

Another Sunday, another set of recipes to try out. Today the kitty decided that she would help out by sitting on the cookbook.

The experiment today was for har gow (shrimp dumplings), which while the taste was spot on, the texture was not so much! The skin is always the hardest part, and I have much trial and error before I can get it right!

Fashion in Black and White

An interesting angle on the model and a great capture on the cut of this coat that lets the fashion speak for itself. Love the structuring and the buttons.

via pinterest

Finnick and Annie

I love stumbling across fan artwork for books where the characters so closely resemble how I imagine them in the story.

via The Hunger Games Trilogy

Project 365: Day 77

Enjoying the warmth outside after a quick session at the gym this morning. The sun is out and shining, and for the first time in a long while, I had to wear sunglasses!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Baroque Rococo Style Floor Mirror

Simply amazing how such a a large mirror can lend so much drama and light to a space. I love the detailing on this as well, just divine.

via Etsy

Scarf and Sweater - Weekend Edition

It's about the nice simple elements that polish a look. The soft waves, the punchy scarf, the simple pendant and a crop grey sweater make this very casual and put together for a weekend.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Project 365: Day 76

Captured this on my way to work this morning, it was a beautiful, crisp morning as the moon was setting and only the Jubilee Centre and Provincial buildings were able to reflect the morning sun.

The building in the foreground is The Chef's Table by Mitchell's, a great little local cafe, known for its Sunshine Bread and is often packed at lunch. It's also an older building in the region, and was formerly the old RCMP building back in the day!

Anthropologie Latte Bowls

I would love to own a set of these bowls. They are a perfect size for most things, from noodles to cereal to snacks and just so fun and colourful. I don't think I would ever worry about having a matching set!

Score and Solder Terrarium

Ah, I do love these, and it would keep any plants out of the way of the cat who seems to like to nibble on certain foliage. A unique way to bring some plants into a more urban condo.

via Wit & Whistle

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Project 365: Day 75

Not sure if it's the higher winds outside, but I've been absolutely freezing all day! Came home and just curled up on the couch wrapped up in a fleece blanket!

Red Umbrellas in Paris

I don't love the idea of carrying an umbrella, but I'd almost want to do a picture everywhere I go if I had a bright umbrella like this!

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