Friday, August 31, 2012

Project 365: Day 244

Project 365: Day 244

I carry these on my keychain - a jade ox for good luck, and a mantra that has been with me since my mum bought it for me in high school that says "wish it, dream it, do it". I'd say that I've been following that pretty closely so far, so I guess it works!

Project 365: Day 243

Project 365: Day 243

Spent a little time playing with some edits. Still figuring out my way through Lightroom 3 and its workflow and functions, but I'm getting better, day by day!

Fun Camera Bags

I don't have a dedicated camera bag or box, just an insert (Roma by ONA) that I pair with a purse that I got in Italy for my everyday. Given that I only really carry the camera with a prime and hand strap attached, a polarizer and a shoulder strap on any given day, it works for now.

Sometimes I do wish for a fun alternative that can carry my other gear when I'm on the road, or just store it when I'm not using it. I'm drawn to those that are not your typical black canvas bag that screams "I have a camera in here!" to everyone around you.

I've ordered from Photojojo a handful of times and have enjoyed their collection of wares. I love their quirky stowaways and so far, everything has gotten to me exactly how I've ordered it. These two are new bags that are available from them that I found to be unbelievably cute and quirky. Maybe you'll enjoy them too!

From Fall to Winter Fashion

I would probably consider this for fall more than winter, as it is much colder here! Still, I love the layering on top of basic black, looks like something that I would wear!

via weheartit

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Divas and Dreams

Discovered Christina Greve accidentally a few months ago and have been enjoying her posts and her mission to help women to be the most confident and beautiful people that they can be, as well as provide guidance to photographers.

Life can be about more than just your dreams, but actually achieving them. If you are willing to take a leap of faith and pursue your true passion and love in life. I think that while I'm on my way, I have not gotten there yet (but with time). However, in the meantime, I am grateful and happy for the life that I do have, and that is part of the journey as well!

She's got some great stuff for you to read if you are interested, young or old, just follow this link to Christina Greve.

Transition to Fall

For the girls who can't get rid of their summer dresses quite yet, this is good inspiration on how to pair them up well into the fall season. Looking for a pair of brown boots like that for myself!

via polyvore

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Project 365: Day 242

Project 365: Day 242

Cat whiskers in detail. I do find these lying around the condo every so often, just not as much as she sheds though!

Thinking about a macro lens as I take pictures like these. Perhaps the 60mm or the 105mm? Decisions, decisions...

Underground Inspired Kitchen

Is it bad that I like this because it reminds me of a very modern underground subway, and I want to replace that sign with our last names to be like the station? It's kind of appropriate, because the kitchen is really the stopping point for any family gatherings. For me especially since I love to cook so much!

via houzz

Corporate Branding

A great looking thesis on corporate branding, likely on it's fundamentals, typical characteristics and really what makes something recognizable and then applying it to his packaging to his thesis.

We're surrounded by brands every day, it's hard for you not to know on a glance whether something is Coca-Cola or Starbucks by colour or shape.

via behance

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project 365: Day 241

Project 365: Day 241

The cat contemplates the toy.

Busy day today, so I'm making this short and sweet and heading to bed!

Stay Humble

A reminder to myself. Even in success, we should always remember that we are not always as good as we think we are and even in most cases, we are completely replaceable by someone else. Reframing and critically examining our perceived successes every so often is the necessity to a successful career and to ensure that we always keep improving and growing.

This image comes from this article off Smashing Hub on Good and Bad Habits of Highly Effective Bloggers. While it is geared to blogging, really the advice given here can be used for any career and many aspects of life in general.

1 Litre Water

I admit, I'm probably the first one who would buy a beverage based on its looks, rather than it's contents. This has happened with many a bottle of wine, hah!

A great post found here, with some interesting and memorable beverage packaging designs. I would probably buy some of these if I came across them on the store, particularly this 1 litre water.

via smashing hub

Monday, August 27, 2012

Project 365: Day 240

Project 365: Day 240

A bread baker's best friend is an instant thermometer. At least that is what I've told myself since I started baking bread. I haven't had an undercooked loaf since I started using one, and it's great for other food prep as well. Sometimes it's pretty tough to know if it's done, especially when you have a multi-grain or other additional ingredients beyond your standard white loaf.

Baking a few loaves for the week and the kitchen smells heavenly right before bed!

Small Polka Dots and Dark Red

I love the shade of these red pants, and the micro polka dot top! New inspiration for some new clothes for the office.

via lookbook

Burning Man Art

Colour me impressed, I have never really had an inkling that the Burning Man art would be so fascinating, interesting and some of them are absolutely massive. All for a few days and then to be whisked away without a trace on the desert. Lots of other examples of this art following the link.

via Heavy

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Project 365: Day 239

Project 365: Day 239

Stumbled upon my mini tripod in our clean the condo travels. Surprisingly this holds up my D7000 + 35mm fairly well when I set it up to do some test shots with the remote.

Corina Nielsen Photography & Design

I stumbled upon this the other day and I just spent 20 minutes reading the post and just loving every single little detail that she had in here.

Her new branding is perfect right down to the last detail. She's got this packaging down to an art with all of her special touches that make this memorable. You can tell all the love and passion that went into making this hers through and through.

If you're interested, some of these stamps are also available on her website, so hop on over!

by Corina Nielsen Photography & Design

Red Pants and Graphic Prints

Perfect pairing for a day out, with an awesome red jean and a graphic print tee to bring it back down to casual underneath a blazer.

via Lovely Pepa

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Project 365: Day 238

Project 365: Day 238

A busy Saturday, but so what else is new! Picked up the ML-L3 remote shutter release for my camera while I was out. Testing it out today with a few basic shots to get a feel for where I can get it to work and my timing. It'll be interesting to see what I get up to with this, given that I don't have a tripod yet!

Fort McMurray Landscapes

Cold Winter's Morning

Fall on the Snye

Athabasca River Breakup

Snye - Ice Breakup

I have been cleaning up my digital files and I found some old photos from the past few years in Fort McMurray that I thought I would share.

While the urban landscape is still improving daily by the work being done by the Municipality, the natural landscape is still and always will be a stunning feature of the region. Here are some moments that I have captured over the years that reflect some of the places that make you pause because they are just beautiful. Sometimes it's just the light and the skies, others just a memory of taking a walk with a few friends.

I also keep a set on my flickr account if anyone is interested in some of the images that I have captured over the years while being here.

Orange Chunky Knit Scarf

Gearing up for fall fashion and the thoughts that go along with layering for the colder months. Loving the colour orange lately, but I have not seem to have bought anything in that colour yet, except for a belt that I have in constant rotation! Also on the list for this fall/winter are brown leather boots...

via pinterest

Come and Take Me Down

Strawberry Fields Forever.

Stumbled on some beautiful typography designs, the rest of them featured on this link are pretty stunning!

via From up North

Friday, August 24, 2012

Project 365 Day 237

Project 365: Day 237

It's finally Friday! It's been super busy, and I alway seem famished when I leave work. Here's my typical snack for the week, a few crackers, cheese, pistachios and raisins. Not too creative, but it does the job!

Gearing up for a short weekend that is full of some side projects and hopefully some downtime.

Ballad of the Dove Bracelet

A great piece to add to a collection of stacked bracelets. I have really been eyeing the simple ones these days as it gives some interest and remains delicate looking. There are some great ones that are on this website.

by Early Bright

Worth & Happiness

For everyone, not just men.

via lawsofmodernman

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Project 365: Day 236

Project 365: Day 236

Been making curls with my 2nd day hair this week, but it always falls a little flat by the end of the day because of my superfine hair. Today was better than most! I always enjoy the nuances of colour in my hair with its dark brown tones.

DIY Weekender Bag

A great looking bag for just about anything that you can make yourself. I'm impressed by how it looks, I'm sure it would be great for toting just about everything! Tutorial following the link.

via Weekend Designer

Cheap Fashion

Stumbled across this article the other day, and it did make me think about what my consumer patterns are. Given that I live in a reasonably remote community with limited shopping opportunities, I don't spend as much as I typically would in a bigger city. As I get older, I have mixed feelings about getting some cheap pieces to just get me through a season versus getting more investment pieces that reflect the style that I dress in, and perhaps this is why it spoke to me.

There is always a desire where we just want to be fashionable. However, perhaps the better investment is in our own personal style, regardless of the current fashion. I think that it's always fashionable to be presented in our own style, one that we love and are comfortable in.

Article via GOOD

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Project 365: Day 235

Project 365: Day 235

Listening to Holst's The Planets Suite tonight and having the visualizer playing on the monitor while I do some reading. I've always liked the iTunes visualizer the best since being a university student, and it was very appropriate that it was very cosmically shaped tonight, with the planets and the star trails dancing across the screen. Two more days until the weekend!

Bakery Dreams

When I see images like these, I dream about opening up a small bakery and coffee shop and do a photography and design business on the side.

via pinterest

Is There a Science to Picking Colours?

I had heard of Quora, but I had not been very interested in reading in it until now. Here's an interesting article on whether there is science behind colour theory and how it is used. Lots of different viewpoints and some tips and tricks for designers too. Perhaps I will be signing up and reading through this site more often!

via Quora

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Project 365: Day 234

Project 365: Day 234

Just drained from the busy days, sometimes all I can do is sit and watch the cat stare back at me.


Simplicity and balance is what I'm seeking these days.

via Daily Inspirational Quotes


In love with this desk system, perfectly minimal with a tiny footprint, yet it seems easy to move around (except the fact that the whole kit is about 80lbs!). Perhaps one day I'll look at purchasing this for my office.

by Hekler Design

Monday, August 20, 2012

Project 365: Day 233

Project 365: Day 233

Practicing taking photos of quick moving objects. While this isn't the sharpest of pictures, I can't help but chuckle at the errant evil eye from behind the feather toy.

DIY Colourful Pallet Rack

What a fun and easy way to create some extra hanging storage through upcycling a wood pallet. Would be great for a sideroom or for kids to hang their stuff and you can paint it whatever colour suits your needs. Tutorial following the link.

via Shelterness

Mirror by Tigran Tsitoghdzyan

Beautiful and realistic oil painting.

Introspective today, lots of thoughts running through my head. Maybe it's just because I've been so tired lately? Maybe it's just my tendency to over-think almost everything.

via Saatchi Online Artist

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Project 365: Day 232

Project 365: Day 232

Burger Bar

Fire Pit

Puppy Play

An early start today to get out to Gregoire Lake before it got too hot out. With some perfect timing to ensure that we beat most of the crowds and then to the Burger Bar for a late lunch. Can't ask for a better Sunday than spending it with two friends and a (big) puppy.

Crisp White and Denim

Still on the hunt for the perfect white shirt and slim fit denim. One day I will find the right pair, but in the meantime, I will just enjoy the simple elegance and grace of a good city walking outfit that is perfect for a late lunch and a coffee.

via My Soul is the Sky

Sun Catcher Sunset

Just where the light catches and makes it seem all the more beautiful.

via Nostalgia

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Project 365: Day 231

Project 365: Day 231

Sun Seeking Cat

Hana's usually a bit of a hyper ball cat and runs around the condo a lot, but I found her sitting by the window, all regal looking. Gave me a bit of a chuckle given how serious she looks perching on her cat furniture (i.e. anything that she feels is something to sit on), so I snapped a picture.

Been working on a few new projects this weekend, it's almost like I am permanently glued to the computer these days! Almost done my to do list, so that's promising!