Friday, August 31, 2012

Fun Camera Bags

I don't have a dedicated camera bag or box, just an insert (Roma by ONA) that I pair with a purse that I got in Italy for my everyday. Given that I only really carry the camera with a prime and hand strap attached, a polarizer and a shoulder strap on any given day, it works for now.

Sometimes I do wish for a fun alternative that can carry my other gear when I'm on the road, or just store it when I'm not using it. I'm drawn to those that are not your typical black canvas bag that screams "I have a camera in here!" to everyone around you.

I've ordered from Photojojo a handful of times and have enjoyed their collection of wares. I love their quirky stowaways and so far, everything has gotten to me exactly how I've ordered it. These two are new bags that are available from them that I found to be unbelievably cute and quirky. Maybe you'll enjoy them too!

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