Sunday, November 25, 2012

Overdressed and Overeducated

I might have one of these down. Now I need to work on the other...

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Friday, November 23, 2012

Grey Wood Floors and White Walls

I just simply love the floors in this room. Definitely fits in with a room of monochromatics.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Wandering Boots

Mine are in grey and I definitely love my desert boots! Super comfortable and versatile in my wardrobe!

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Monday, November 19, 2012

The Busy Trap

A good article on the NYTimes website and a good thing to mull over again when I return home.

I think it's true, particularly of this generation and we fall into this trap where we always want to be 'busy'. A good hard thought into what this means and if we are just saying we are busy for the sake of it is worth our time. I'd like to invest into tasks that are more meaningful to my day to day life, rather than just run around and be proud that I am busy all the time.

What did you accomplish today?

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ink and Textile Design

Brushwork that makes you think that this would work well on a piece of clothing. I love the bold and delicate strokes that give it so much movement and density.

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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Built In Bookcases

Perfect little built in bookcase in white. Blends in and works well with this minimalist decor.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Things to Remember

Seems sound enough. On vacation now, I need to keep these in mind!

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Sunday, November 11, 2012

In Flanders Fields

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly

Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the Dead. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.

- John McCrae

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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Project 365: Day 315

Project 365: Day 315

The cat always hides under the bed when we're packing or there is all this stuff that is going on and she just doesn't know what to do!

Going travelling for two weeks, but this time there will be minimal daily updates while I'm away. Somehow I didn't even have any time before leaving to pre-draft some material, I was working up to the last minute! Since I don't have reliable internet access this time, I will have to leave you with the cat!

Project 365: Day 314

Project 365: Day 314

Busy busy busy... that's how it always is when you are preparing to travel. So much to do, so little time!

Friday, November 9, 2012

Simple Dove Tattoo

While minimalist, it is effective as a tattoo. I love the simple lines and graceful design.

via Tattoo Me Now

Gabriel Dawe

So beautiful and subtle. Located in Como, Italy for miniartextil. I can only imagine how lovely it is in person, from every angle and during all sorts of lighting situations.

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Thursday, November 8, 2012

Project 365: Day 313

Project 365: Day 313

Perched below, under the table. Wondering why there is such a ruckus at home these days. Curious as usual.

Project 365: Day 312

Project 365: Day 312

Having a hard time with some sweets, so weaning towards something more healthy. Mandarin oranges and a piece of dark chocolate for the evening.

Dutch Tilts Film Poster Exhibition

I posted one for Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind many many months ago, and have found more! These are some beautiful, hand crafted takes on movie posters, each more beautiful and engaging than the next. Really, it's refreshing to take it as an art form, rather than just cobbling together headshots to make up a promotional material.

by Peter Strain

Time to Work

Hmm.. need to start getting serious...

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Dizzying Heights

Don't be afraid, the next few months will be a series of jumps. However, it will all work out in the end.

Interesting angle for the photography, I would probably be most worried about dropping my camera!

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Chambray and Cropped Pants

Perfectly simple and stylish combination. I just get comfortable just looking at it, who knew chambray shirts would be so versatile!

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Project 365: Day 311

Project 365: Day 311

While we don't normally watch a lot of TV, today we had to stay tuned to the presidential race in the United States. Even though we are residents of Canada, we watch these with great interest as the well-being of this country has direct impacts on us and many people around the world. Whether we like it or not, we are a world system that is affected by all of the movements around us.

Great acceptance speech by Obama and he was captivating as always. Wishing him, his family, his staff and the country success in his next four years as the President of the United States.

Project 365: Day 310

Project 365: Day 310

First came all the painting, now all the sawing and nailing things down. Fun times in the condo, while we get the place all spiffed up and ready to go!

Leather Pencil Case

Beautiful, thrifted leather pencil case. I could use one these, oh the pens and markers that I have rolling around my bag at any given time...

via Hilda Grahnat


Need to learn how to. So much harder when there is a vacation coming up, that's for certain!

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Monday, November 5, 2012

Watercolour Tattoo

Such a neat tattoo, I love the watercolour effect all up and down the arm with the stark butterfly up on top.

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Coffee Swirl

Absolutely wanting a coffee thing that is a downside of moving to the new office is the lack of viable coffee places to go to!

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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Project 365: Day 309

Project 365: Day 309

A Sunday full of running around - I was very glad to get that extra hour this morning to rest! The day consisted of a sound breakfast, the gym, painting, picking up some boxes, more painting, and baking!

I had the rest of a pumpkin sitting in my fridge, so I decided to try something new. Boiled it, pureed it up, and made these pumpkin cinnamon rolls, recipe courtesy of the Smitten Kitchen. This picture is during its 2nd rise, but they are now baked, drizzled with icing and ready to go. My condo smells heavenly right now, can't wait to share them at the office tomorrow!

Giant Print Kitchen

Love the giant black and white photo, it gives a lot of character to the kitchen. Perhaps they just really like train stations? Also, that counter space would be perfect for storage, and maybe even a coffee station! Maybe one day I will have that much space to play around with...

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Sunny Style

Wishing that I had a reason to use sunglasses, but it's like I haven't see the sun in weeks! Not since it started snowing anyways. Here's hoping to some warmer weather this week and some sun!

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Saturday, November 3, 2012

Project 365: Day 308

Project 365: Day 308

Company came over for supper tonight, and I had the pleasure of cooking a Chinese meal for them. However, the husband suggested a non-Chinese dessert in the form of apple crumble, and look what happened! It was delicious, and probably one of the only baked goods that look just as good uncooked as it does cooked!

Project 365: Day 307

Project 365: Day 307

Friday night cuddled up in a blanket and a good book.

Photographing Food

Some beautiful pictures and thoughts about what goes behind taking photos of food. Sometimes it's not just about the food but where it comes from too!

via National Geographic

Chunky Knit and Layers

In need of sweaters as the temperature outside drops. Thinking that I need some more layers and this is a cute combination to stay warm and stylish.

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Friday, November 2, 2012

Project 365: Day 306

Project 365: Day 306

One of my favourite comfort foods - pan fried dumplings! Seemed appropriate on this cold and grey day... especially since I found out that I had to go into the office on Friday after all. Oh well, soon there will be a trip!

Project 365: Day 305

Project 365: Day 305

Quiet Halloween - I guess that is what happens if you live in a condo, there aren't any trick or treaters! The cat still played the curious one very well that night.

You Are Confined Only by the Walls You Build Yourself

Life is about breaking them down over and over to get to what you really want. It's like obstacles, they get in the way, but they should never prevent you from getting your goal. It can tell you how much you want something.

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Project 365: Day 304

Project 365: Day 304

So it begins again. Another few weeks of fixing up the place. Painting has happened this week so far, next for the installation. That's what I get for being lazy and putting it off for years.

Project 365: Day 303

Project 365: Day 303

New accessory from the Women's Show. Funnily enough the girls that I went with were all sporting their new wares as well!

Scotty Reifsnyder Studio

Simple, functional and a touch of his personality shows through in the space. I'm gathering ideas for my own future studio space!

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Pitched Roofs, Pop of Orange

What a beautiful space with neutral colours and a pop of orange. I can only imagine what the rest of the house looks like.

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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Handmade Leather Goods

An example of some beautiful handmade leather goods. As he describes it, it's all hand put together, one at a time, with some simple tools. Unique and yields some simple and functional designs. In the day of cheap consumer goods, it's fantastic to see that time and effort is still being put into making some of these items.

by 31trum

Small Dove Wrist Tattoo

Sometimes, just small meaningful tattoos are the best ones.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Monochromatic Living Room

Beautiful and calming take on a monochromatic living room. I love the cushions and how everything comes together towards this richly coloured coffee table. Perhaps inspiration for my next home?

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Ice Matters - Polar Bears

I was blown away by this bleak, but stunning image in Svalbard. The use of a fisheye lens by Anna Henly gives it an even more stark representation of what is happening to the land of the polar bears. Here, one lone polar bear is the only one for miles.

via the guardian

Monday, October 29, 2012

On Walking

Maybe today I will take a walk, look down and find something beautiful.

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Wings Tattoo

What a simple and beautiful, yet intricate tattoo. I wonder how long it took for this to be complete?

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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Project 365: Day 302

Project 365: Day 302

A cold and wintery day calls for a hearty beef stew and homemade bread. This is one of my husband's favourites, the english muffin loaf. It's got a great crusty exterior and a chewy centre that is similar to an english muffin.

Spent part of the afternoon with some girls at the trade show, then came home to do some painting and cleaning. Getting things all put together at home, as some changes are coming!

Project 365: Day 301

Project 365: Day 301

The operative word for the cat was "play" and she did! She loves hiding in that spot behind the couch and will burst out to attack any errant arms or fingers that may come into view.

Natural, Neutral Dining Room

Loving this all natural look against the grey wall. Perfect for a dining room, or just a workstation. I could see myself happily working here with my laptop on a Sunday afternoon.

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Simple Sunday

A simple Sunday of comfortable, classic clothes and a book. Seems like a good way to go!

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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Yoko Tanji

Some beautiful and whimsical illustrations by Yoko Tanji.

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