Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project 365: Day 184

Project 365: Day 183
Breakfast at Morningstar Cafe.

Signs to Everywhere
Signs to Everywhere, Pioneer Courthouse Square

North Park Blocks
North Park Blocks, Pearl District

Stacked Elephant Statues
Stacked Elephants, North Park Blocks

MAX Train Tracks
MAX Train, Downtown Portland

The next few posts for Project 365 will be a bit image heavy as I go through all my pictures and start to upload them. I will post a few here, but please go on to my Flickr page to browse through the rest. 

We spent the first day roaming through Portland, all on foot. With its small blocks and easy to navigate sidewalks, it was quite easy to explore most of the areas west of the Willamette River. Our explorations consisted mostly of the Historic Waterfront District, Downtown Portland, PSU and the Pearl District. Even if we didn't want to walk, there are 4 MAX Train lines and a streetcar line that are free within the downtown, so there is really no excuse not to explore!

Really, we mostly ate and walked and my pictures and experience reflect that. I hope you enjoy the beginnings of my journey through Portland through exploring the city by foot and my experience of Portland through food! 

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