Saturday, September 15, 2012

Project 365: Day 259

Project 365: Day 259

Homemade Tortillas

My cat is female, she loves her shoes and purses and will find any opportunity to make a bed from them. Today was one of those days where she was pretty much glued to this purse that was sitting on the ottoman. I'm not sure why it was so attractive to her today!

A bit of a slow Saturday, but I did manage to try my hand at making homemade tortillas following this recipe, with a substitution of butter for lard. They turned out pretty well, though I may have cooked them a bit long at first as the first few were pretty stiff. Adjusting the cooking time towards the end had them coming up just right, so I guess it's just a matter of practicing my technique! Probably will try with whole wheat flour the next time around for another option. I think I've managed to eliminate the need to buy most of our bread products. Next up is bagels!

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