Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Experimental Starbucks, Denver

A different way to enjoy a Starbucks has popped up (literally) in Denver. Catering to the drive through market, it's a standalone mobile unit that has no seating space. While it's an interesting idea, I would like to see if it works for other types of 'drive through' traffic. Say, pedestrians or bicyclists? Perhaps this can be rethought further for the urban environment and be paired with a public space that allow people to mill about and sit as they enjoy their coffee.

I do think that the experience of Starbucks is lost in this idea. I think the idea of a personalized, fancy coffee experience, complete with baristas and seating areas is what attracts a majority of the customers. Wondering if we will continue to see more of these.

More images and thoughts following the link.

via fast co.design

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